9. There is No Floating Week


9. There is No Floating Week 

’70 weeks is done and dusted.’

To those who understand the doctrines of 70 Weeks. I can say with absolute certainty, there is no floating Week. Everything in Daniels 70 weeks is completed. Nothing in this prophecy of Daniel 9:23-27, has yet to be completed. These prophetic markers, mapped out time points, the last being around 73/74 AD, which was the fall of Masada. Josephus noted, that this the final Jewish stronghold to suffer at the hands of the Roman army. Resulting in the entire nation of Israel to disperse, and bringing in the ‘The time of the Gentiles’. Just because theologians don’t understand how to count the days, doesn’t mean God doesn’t know how to count. We can truthfully say, everything in rules of counting is sequential, the rules don’t change just because a person can’t see the answer. Prophetic time in the old testament occasionally was calculated in ratio’s, but what is the ratio’s integer? To Ezekiel God said, “One day would equal one year”. But He never said this to Daniel. What is the integer ratio for Daniels 70 Weeks? The Magi knew this and they arrived at the right time to the infant Jesus.

This false 70 Week doctrine was established in the church by assuming the ration was like Ezekiel, one day equals one year. This has established delusional ideas about peace agreements. Which in turn becomes a Mystical Week period, that’s meant to be a seven year period, this collapses the world’s systems and the incarnation of the Antichrist then begins. This doctrine is more movie world material than biblical truth. They’ve already embraced it and enjoyed the profits. You’ve all run along and got excited over it, but I am sorry to say, along with Santa not being true, so is the floating week a false doctrine. Stop looking for something that does not exist. The Antichrist is already here and has been ruling the earth for centuries and very successfully. Did the UN accept true salvation by the blood of Jesus Christ? Did the World Bank accept Jesus Christ as the true Messiah, the King of Kings? And if not, why not? I am afraid that you are being deceived, along with those in Revelation chapter 13. Maybe it’s time to begin to pray and start seeking God as to what is truth.

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