You’ve Got Time and the day of the GPS : Part 1

You’ve Got Time and the day of the GPS : Part 1

Mary and Roger, waved cheerfully, as their parents hovered away peacefully from the landing platform, waving back with happy smiles, attentively looking though the large windows of their Glide Pods, as it gracefully moved away from the exquisitely placed mansion on the cliffs overlooking the charming bay and peninsula.

As their parents were away at the conference, grandma had come to look after them and Mary and Roger were so excited. But now it was their bedtime as the sun was on the horizon, beaming radiants colours through all the living areas, of this common and humble earth dwelling, nestled in a prime location over the sparse valley and ocean.

Tell us again the story grandma, asked little Mary, all of fours years, as she tugged on the arm of this lovely old lady. Yeah repeated Roger, the one about where you and Grandad John saved the world.

Grandma Jane was always bashful about this bedtime story, but she knew how much her daughter’s kids loved it.

Well she said slowly, sitting with them on the couch that was at the end of the house, which overlooked the cliff face through large windows. They watched the sun slowly sink and she began, “Some people let their problems get to big, so we say, “Stop making mountains out of mole hills”, other people underestimate the size of a problem, so they’d say, “We didn’t see that one coming”

One day your Grandma Jane had a problem with her office computer. Well that was when the world used to have computers, yes, many many years ago. These old things always had problems and Jane was always told to just “Work out your computer problems and only call the Computer Support, when it really necessary”. Well, that is the last time
she’d ever believe that.

It all started two hours after only her second month at this new job. She was typing at her computer, doing those things she was told to do, and then Suddenly………
“Oh My Gosh” shouted Jane, from the chair behind her desk, in the large downtown office. ” A Giant Shredder has suddenly appeared on my Desktop”. Jane’s computer wasn’t any normal computer. She was using a Dec Core Vantom Super, Plus 1, Version 10, with a Hexual Trigger upgrade, for Power Interface and Real-time Integration.

But that was nothing unusual because everyone in the office had one.
John stood up from his chair; he was in the adjoining cubical. ” A Giant Shreeeddeer?”. That was all he could say, because John couldn’t talk very well with Jane and in-fact that was his only words he’d spoken to Jane. Now Dick the Super Geek heard the commotion, while its unclear to exactly how he heard, for
he was 1000 cubicles down the large rectangle office, to the right and up the stairs, then through a door and in another door and there this was his own small office.

Everyone wanted to be like Dick because he had his own room, but Dick was more than a support tech, Dick, was the ‘Gate Keeper’, but nobody in the office understood what that meant.

Jane and John looked down through the spreading of those geometrically organised cubicles all filled with faces they never really knew, some they saw, others forever hidden, and while watching they saw Dick running up the thin aisle, shouting. But what was Dick shouting? John wanted to ask Jane, they looked at each other, but words were not there. Jane starred back at her desktop. Things had just gotten worse, since she first shout of “Oh My gosh”

She looked at John to tell him things had gotten worse and then thought that there was no point in talking about it with John, because he never speaks back and seamed
unable to hold a conversation. Maybe if John had taken those communication lessons, offered by the company, things would had turned out different, but then
they had told John, he was fine and didn’t need to worry to much about is inability to communicate as he had a desk job that only required him to enter information into the computer.

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