8. Immaturity of the Christian Church


8. Immaturity of the Christian Church

‘There is no baby brides.’

I guess one would reply with the words, ‘Will you can talk’. And I agree, when it comes to maturity and the lack of it, I throw my hat into the same ring, I am by no means an example of what we should be. Even so, if I am something or not something, it doesn’t change the principle, let a donkey talk, but who has ears to hear?

Here are some thoughts concerning maturity now I don’t believe its just about how much we squeal under pressure. Rather there are things that should come forth from the body before the end of days.

We have yet to crack the silver bullet of time and cosmic ageing, those fundamentals of the universe. Currently, the great secular minds are breaking many of the great Christian minds to believe their large period philosophies. [Not that I am against Big Time, just the secular conclusion]. Christian scientific pioneers have lost their place in the world; they’re no longer the front-runners of discoveries, the geniuses of the modern world. To show a simple comparison of greats, Einstein totally believed in a supreme God, Hawking’s very much doesn’t and, in fact, goes out of his way to mock Christian belief. The Christians can again be on the edge and time will come when all things, all mysteries will become revealed. We are living proof, that we live in the days of revelation, by both the amount of things being revealed and the amount of anti-revelation, those cover up’s going down. When the substrate of matter, is fully understood, it could embarrass the evolutionist. Research is in a hyper-development mode so that the science community themselves will probably discover this. They’ve already discovered many conflicts in evolution, so much so, they would like to discover a theory to unite all theories. Maybe one day they’ll just start giving up trying to disprove God. Throwing their arms into the air in dismay as they realise that the entire universe is an enigma. That only an incredible being could have knitted everything together with such hidden wonderment and careful detail while accomplishing the preservation of life itself.

There is a total lack of spiritual clarity [Christian type], a confusion that always points to falsehood. While the entire Western Christian movement has fallen pray to cleverly written books, often by academics, branded by church leaders as their own, targeting the gullible into another diluted conclusion of false spirituality. There was a day when church material could be trusted to deliver a pure message. Purity has fallen to get rich schemes by leaders who themselves are fallen prey to the snares of heaping up riches. Do you want revelation? Learn to read the word and worship Him in the spirit, as long as you can make yourself available. There is nothing the Holy Spirit will withhold from a loyal saint. But beware, we also live in the days of great deception, only the true witnesses can lead you, that is the Word of God and the Testimony of Jesus Christ. I believe that before the final days are in full motion, the body of Christ will have fallen in love again with the book of Revelation and with the full word of God, because we need to be a people who walk in the light, as He is in the light.

Who Is Ready
What is ready? The world, the saints or the workers. These are the three last day groups. According to the Matthew 24 & 25 parable, we already know, the world will not be ready. When they’re divided into the sheep and goat groups and judged accordingly, they had no idea as to why they were in these groups. Whether it is for life or death, they knew not the reason. Then we see in the ten virgins, where 50% of the saints will be ready and 50% of the saints will not be ready. Then there are the Lords workers, 33% were not functional. Tell me, do you think you’re ready? If the very moment you’re reading this a trumpet went, and the angel appeared and said, ‘It is time to go’. Would you be saying, “Yeah great, that time has come”. Or would you be like Switch, caught in the Matrix world, her final words were ‘Not like this’. Judge for yourself who is ready and by this you can judge for yourselves the readiness of the Church. If she were a cake, my personal conclusion would be; “Don’t be in such a hurry, throw her back in the oven.”

Why the world is not about to End

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