You’ve Got Time and the day of the GPS : Part 2

You’ve Got Time and the day of the GPS : Part 2

So While John was still starring at Janes frown, Jane turned her head, to watch and see if she could understand what Dick was shouting. By this time, Dick had made some way up through the walkway, but still had a long way to go. By now he was rolling at a full trot, while shouting still at the top of his voice. It is possible, if Dick had taken the free Throat Operation things could have been different, but though the laryngitis restricted his voice, they’d told Dick, he didn’t need to talk, as his job didn’t require him to communicate with people, so a painful operation wasn’t necessary.

Jane, while keeping a blank frown on her face, looked back at the Desktop. “Oh Dear she thought out aloud” Jane had tried everything she knew, before she screamed. Earlier in her work history, she would shout immediately when there was an error on her screen, but they told her, to first do everything she knew how and if after doing everything she knew five times, this didn’t work, then she should shout. So this time, She’d done everything she knew and five times she’d done these things.

First she dragged and dropped ‘The Giant Shredder’ into the ‘Recycle Bin’. But it wouldn’t go in, but she tried this five times and five times, it jumped straight out.

Then she waved her mouse over it, and hit “Delete”. That did nothing, but five times she waved her mouse over and hit delete, but 5 times, that didn’t work. And ‘The Giant Shredder’, only grew bigger. So she then used the super keys that she was told will always work, and so she hit ctrl-alt-del, using three fingers simultaneously. But nothing happened, 5 times she hit ctrl-alt-del and nothing happened, and ‘The Giant Shredder’ was only getting bigger. Jane was perplexed, this is getting worse and worser still and so was the grammar in the story worsening. Jane started to think more, now, what else should I do? At this time, Dick was getting closer, but his shouting was still not heard.

John continued to stare. Jane thought loudly, “Oh Gosh, Ghee, What, Oh, Ah, hah, MM. This type of extensive long period thinking was outside of Janes normal work duties. Maybe if she’d taken that free course, on “What to do in Shredding circumstances” things could have been different, BUT. it wasn’t so and the company had told Jane that the event of a Shredder eventuating was very rare.

Jane’s heart rate started to increase, perspiration started to gather on her frown, as Janes legs started to shake. The Whirling on her screen increased, it was now like a tornado forming, she felt a drawing towards the computer, like she wanted to jump in. Her adrenalin was rising up and her thoughts started to race. “What to do, what to do, if only Dick was here, she looked back at Dick, but he was still far away. What is he saying, what, whats, she turned, did a “What are you saying expression with her hands and mouth”. Dick saw this and started also making gestures while he ran. Jane and Dick were exchanging gestures.

Jane was seeing and hearing, “E”. “Eee”
Right then Jane had an idea, at the time and it seamed more of an epiphany; “Of course, that is it!!” and she turned to her screen and keyboard, and hit ENTER


When Jane pushes enter [return] on her keyboard, in fact, not only did she hit enter, but she hit enter Fine times on her keyboard, because that seamed the logical thing to do at the time. After that, there seamed to be a long silence……………………… [these many dots represent a long silence]……………..…………………………………………………………………………………….. What had just happened? Then the Giant Shredder began to transform into something it previously wasn’t. For ‘The Giant Shredder’ used the five repetitive hits, of the enter Key, to give it permission to transform. Jane had just made a Giant Shredder Error.

Suddenly right then in front of Janes eyes, The Giant Shredder was not only Eating all the Data in the Interweb, [FYI, in the case of the reader being none the wise, what Giant Shredders do, is Eat Internet Data] but now, this Giant Shredder was also about starting to consume the computer, including all the atoms, in the Earth and in the Universe, because actually, the Giant Shredder was not actually just a Giant Shredder only, but was also a Giant Planet Shredder, and it was actually disguised as a mere Giant Data Shredder, yeah, everybody was fooled on this one, except of cause, Dick, who was still running up though the office corridor, in-between all the faceless workers place in their symmetrical booths, unknown people working in an unknown company, on an unknown project. But what really was the project?

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