File Unknown, Do not Read this Message

Secret Message……
The world as we know it, will begin its final pathway of destruction, in the year 2040AD
This is 20 Years after the begining of COVID-19, as following the virus body’s 20 year cycle
When it begins, this airbourne pathigen will travel quickly around an unsuspecting world
One third of the unbelieving human world, will be destroyed

The Pathway out of this world, into the Kingdom of Heaven is already established
Through salvation in Jesus Christ, who is the Only True Faithful Witness
Who is the Lamb, substitution for every Human who calls on His Name
Because through the Blood of the Lamb and Confession of your Faith, you will trample all of satans power under your feet,

including Synthetics, the Image and the Beast, whose number is 666

Discover your secret identity, the Stone with a new Name…….
Confess Jesus Christ is Lord, ask Him for Holy Spirit
Open your mouth and begin speaking in Tongues
As you pray, your Identity in Christ will be revealed to you
And your call in God will be revealed, as you pray in Tongues

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