10. There is No Convenient Way to Resolve Wrong Life Choices


10. There is No Convenient Way to Resolve Wrong Life Choices

‘Follow a righteous heart and not fear.’

Mark my words, September 2015 is going to end, like every other month and continue through to October like every other year. Are you a Prepper? Were you believing the world would finish around the year 2000. Maybe you’re looking for signs and looking in all the wrong places. The Holy Spirit wants to reveal to you Jesus, the Father, and the precious word. The Lord wants to walk with you through trouble times and grow your understanding to know the seasons the Lord has committed to the earth.

Many would like a big flash and its all over. What a convenient way to resolve excessive living and marginal lifestyles. One big zap and all the debt is gone. A flash in the sky and no more having to deal with the ex-partner/ and any other trouble relationship. A big bang and no more neighborhood conflicts, no more family conflicts and no more troubles at work. Yes, often we want it all to just go away. Bundling our troubles up in an apocalypse doctrine, brings hope to an end. A magical type of resolve to our physical trials, no matter how wonderful this sounds. The Spirit is saying. He wants you to endure. He wants you to overcome. He wants you to be more than conquerors. He wants you to learn to follow Him: through the troubled seasons, through the hazy doctrines, through the noisy world. He wants you to walk into His life, into His fellowship and into His teachings.

There is a large plan unfolding, and the Lord wants His people prepared, this won’t come by getting caught up in schisms and fear. Where there is no hope, there is no planning. Following Him is about a daily life of listening and hearkening to His voice.

Why the world is not about to End

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