Top 10 Reasons Why the world is not about to End. How should they Rank? Which is Number 1?


10 Compelling Reasons.
Top 10 Reasons Why the world is not about to End. How should they Rank? Which is Number 1?  Why the world won’t end this month of Sept 2015 and why we have decades remaining.

By Graeme Torckler

1. The Thief Principle
The hour of the watchers is not the hour

2. The Final Hour Principle [Matt 20]
The day is not yet spent

3. The Wine-press Principle [Is 63:2-3 + Rev 14]
A work of Love, Passion and most of all Patience

4. The Summer Generation Principle [Matt 24: 32-35- ]
The season is not yet full

5. The Maturity of the 666 System
The technology is still in its infancy

6. The Jerusalem Principle
When the Holy Ghost falls there

7. The Jubilee Principle
Time alignment needs to be correct

8. Immaturity of the Christian Church
There are no baby brides

9. Debunking the Floating Week
70 weeks is done and dusted

10. There is No Convenient Way to Resolve Wrong Life Choices
Follow a righteous heart and not fear

Intro to Top 10
I believe anyone of these Top 10’s are convincing in themselves in demonstrating the earth has some decades remaining before the Lord ramps up His end game.

Maybe I am not a good writer, and don’t have a voice, but what I do have I want to share with you. Let me assure you that this month will roll on through with nothing significant in itself happening. I am not discounting the signs, yes, many strange events are happening. Earth and celestial, but these are signs mostly for the world, warnings to the poor managing of the earth’s well-being. While these earthly groans will continue to increase, I don’t believe these are the spiritual signs signifying the world. I have summarised ten compelling reasons, as to why we will be spinning the same way next month and next year as we are this day that you’re reading this.

1. The Thief Principle, Suddenly –
The hour of the watchers, is not the hour.”

To many people are watching out for this speed bump.
I remember a day, they went down to the beach to see the big one, and it never came.
I remember a day, they were gazing at the beach, mesmerised by strange events, when suddenly, the big one struck.

Everyone is currently too aware, everyone is watching, but the driving emphasis of the end-time message is the thief in the night principle. It falls on an unsuspecting world. For the believer, the message is to be always watching, and not to get sidetracked by the joys of the world. For those who don’t know, the message is to be converted. In this new millennial, there are some terrible examples of suddenly. In September the eleventh, 2001, the twin towers fell, widely known as the 911 event, striking suddenly to an unsuspecting world. The ‘Truthers’ of 911 claim some did know. However not so for the 26th of December 2004, the Indian Ocean was suddenly rocked by an earthquake, and the resulting tsunami killed 200,000 people. There are no reports that any person was able to prepare for this colossal disaster. Then in a similar fashion, a large meteorite exploded over Chelyabinsk. A city that manufactured cold war munition was impacted suddenly by a shockwave that injured 1500 people from broken glass. To every sudden event, the impact was devastating with no preparation. These humongous events are the signs of the end times, as they come suddenly and melt our hearts with fear. But if we already knew it was going to happen, then it would not be such an end time event.

Maybe this is why every apocalyptic type of predictions always falls flat on its face. Paul concludes; 1Thes 5:3-4 (NKJ), For when they say, “Peace and safety!” then sudden destruction comes upon them, as labour pains upon a pregnant woman. And they shall not escape. But you, brethren, are not in darkness, so that this Day should overtake you as a thief.

Solomon also gives us wisdom, Prov 3:25 (NKJ), Do not be afraid of sudden terror, nor of trouble from the wicked when it comes.

See our Father in Heaven, wants us to learn to be dependent on Him, to know where to go and what to do and what to avoid because you hear from Him. We live in days of trouble so that the lessons of life should be in learning to walk in the Spirit, in His way.

2. The Final Hour Principle [Matt 20: 1-16]
The day is not yet spent.”

The Kingdom of God continues to reap souls unto salvation, until the very last hour and last minute of the day. Known as the great harvest, here is a beautiful principle that needs greater understanding. The 11th hour described in Matthew chapter 20 is the final hour before sunset. For a modern solar day the 11th hour would be described as 5 pm. How does this relate, how should it be interpreted? Firstly, the concept is based on one day. Therefore, it must be referring to a Millennial Day. This principle described in 2 Peter and based upon Moses writings in Ps 90, explains how that one day of God’s Kingdom time, equals a thousand years of earth time. The Matthew 20 principle interpreted in this manner of a thousand years equals a day, clarifies the parable. Otherwise, the parable would make no sense because every farmer knows a harvest happens over a couple of months, not just one day.

Furthermore, Jesus explains, this harvest is so important, that workers go beyond the normal work hours. For in those days and in that nation, it would be custom to finish the days work 3 pm, or the 9th hour, known as the first evening. In this period, the customary sacrifice is made, and people prepare themselves for the true evening, having meals and completing duties for the end of the day.

The importance of the harvest is therefore emphasised by the continued of work and in this 9th hour there is a new release of harvesters into the field. Again more on the 11th hour more harvesters are called. They continue to work until there is no more daylight and all the fruit is in the barn.

Hour periods in a Millennial Day translates to 40 year periods. The same cycles were throughout the various periods of the children of Israel. For example, both Samuel, Saul, David and Solomon, all had a 40 year periods in their respective offices.

Just because there is an increasing approaching darkness, it doesn’t mean the harvest is suddenly over. As long as there are souls in the harvest and souls able to be saved, then the light is there to save, and the day is not yet over.

Maybe you fell like one those labourers, standing around waiting for work, that moment the Lord will say, ‘Go’. Don’t let the end of the world teaching distract you. Keep seeking the Lord for your place in the harvest. See how He works till all is complete, and so He has a job for you to do as well, but as Moses discovered there can be this waiting period.

3. The Wine-press Principle [Is 63:2-3 + Rev 14]
Its a work of Love, Passion and most of all Patience.”

There was a time I related this to something horrible because the concept seemed to involve death and suffering. Then one day the Lord opened my eyes. In the business of recycling, income is directly proportional to the yields from the materials recycled. I saw the principle, a vineyard manager also carefully treads the grapes, over and over again, until the very last drop. How much more does the Master, our Lord, lovingly tread out the wine-press?

He alone is worthy, He looked and there was no one to help because no one loved as He loved, no one cared like He cared, no one was qualified like He is qualified. And He will tread and tread with love and patience to all is done. This harvest principle is until the very last soul; that can be, will be saved.

Like a recycler will work to extract everything possible, a wine-press owner works for best results and till the very final yield. The Lamb was the only qualified one, and He will work and work till the job completely over, to the glory of the Father.

Our job in this is to continue to pray for the lost and the ungodly, and not to lose focus on what is important in the Kingdom.

4. The Summer Generation Principle [Matt 24: 32-35- ]
Its not yet full season.”

One of my favourites, very similar to The Final Hour Principle and The Wine-press Principle. This likewise is based upon the Millennial Day periods. See the Master, our precious Lord, spoke many parables to explain to those who have an ear to hear. Explaining exactly how things are and how they will be. His words will not pass away, and through generations of time they’re being fulfilled according to as they were given. You can have hundreds of theories but they’ll all fail, time will roll them into dust, but it is His words alone that will stand.

Jesus clearly says, when the fig tree and all trees blossom, summer is near. In another place He reminds us, that between spring and summer is four months. Drilling down into the bedrock of revelation is by understanding the etymology of these sayings.

Matt 24:32-34, (NKJ) “Now learn this parable from the fig tree: When its branch has already become tender and puts forth leaves, you know that summer is near. “So you also, when you see all these things, know that it is near– at the doors! “Assuredly, I say to you, this generation will by no means pass away till all these things take place.

In this parable, Jesus compares a human generation to that of the same periods of the months in the season of a year. ‘You know that summer is near’ and ‘this generation’. Both these in natural terms are different time periods. Human generations are periods from childbirth to childbirth, having a span of 20 – 40 years. I believe the correct biblical time span for a generation could be forty years. Whereas the seasons of spring to summer only span four months or one-third of a year.

Now in the wisdom of God, these two periods have a type of alignment by ratio. These are again the Millennial ratio. The Millennial Code calculates out the logic of months being the same as hours, and the mathematics adds up the same “When you see the new leaves, you know that summer is near.” Every Millennial month is like an hour, the same long periods of forty years. Spring to summer, this is a 160 years. Now revisit your thoughts about the making of Israel to be a nation. Dates to look at is 1917, 1949. I believe dates of the Azusa and Welsh revivals also are important.

Many troubled days and many good days are still to come on the earth; our children will carry the message of the gospel, with many new challenges. Because of this, we need to be believing and praying into the next generation and their children to come.

5. The Maturity of the 666 System
‘The technology is still in its infancy.’

I have a very good understanding of the technology’s that works our world systems. The 666 system itself is still early days; we’re only at the beginning of, the ‘Age of Technology’. By the empowering of this new electronic world, the Governments and world leaders have also begun a ‘New Age’. Kingdom periods can last 250 to 500 years, through to over a 1000 years. Technology is only at the beginning period of global domination. The global sovereignties of old are polarising, reconfiguring and aligning themselves into their place into the future days. I believe it is possible that the world of the future will be ranked by cities and not nations.

Still one of the most important cities, the Mega City of Babylon, has yet to make her début. This city is a global capital, destined to control the entire earth and I can tell you, she is everything to do with the 666 systems. But she still needs to be built, or it is possible right now, she is being rebuilt, getting ready for her ratification as an independent sovereignty.

The 666 system as such is both a governing strategy and a massive collective of technologies. These will eventually mature to a full global coverage, as a system controlled by non-sovereign organisations, groups that aren’t governments. The day will come, when one click on an ‘Accept’ option, could damn your soul forever. Before this day comes, the world has a journey to go through. The political strategies to implement such an all-encompassing global network of control are very tedious. For this day now, the physical computing systems and their applications are still in development. Think about it, the world of internet usage is only some twenty years old. Already nations are falling, boundaries are changing, opinions and morals reshaping, new enemies growing, new global tactics developing, as everything on planet earth is being rearranged. These time periods are speeding up, things are happening very fast, but even so, the journey has still a distance to go.

In fall manifestation, she has a voice. [Rev 13] So keep a watch on synthetic organism’s, artificial intelligence and all forms of sentient computing.

My technology advice is to learn to be smart and don’t just depend on smart. There is a book of advice needed here.

6. The Jerusalem Principle
‘When the Holy Ghost falls there.’

The Holy Spirit fell in many locations over the last 120 years, mostly western, some outpourings in Asia and Africa. But how many occasions in an Arab nation? There are very important prophecies to fulfil for the Arab people, and possibly the most important is His return to Zion. When the Holy Ghost falls again in Jerusalem, we know the end is truly drawing near. And for that thought, I can’t understand why Christian leaders are teaching their people to look to earth sciences and world politics. These aren’t the tools to navigate the ideals of the times and seasons committed to our Lord. It would be better to teach clear biblical interpretations and the events within the body of Christ.

We should all continue to pray for Israel and pray for the Holy Spirit to move in Jerusalem, the Father still has a plan for His people of old.

7. The Jubilee Principle
‘Time alignment needs to be correct.’

Reviewing the Jubilee list of dates given by the 915ers [believers in the Sept 2015 worlds end], shows that these period dates are out of alignment. We can throw any sets of dates around, but what is the proof? Give more than one witness and not just because of some professor. Modern Christian doctrines lack a baseline, a foundational point in time, which in turn fixes a navigational point, to calibrate and align with what we’re believing and seeing. You travel every day through calibrated equipment, measuring what speed, what time of day or what distance. Is it not about time the eschatology and apocalyptic societies grew up and put evidence in their assumptions?

I believe this timeline that shows the year 2015 to be a Jubilee is false. The most compelling reason is that this set of dates shows no alignment with the ‘Work of the Cross’. The periods I believe are correct, is the one that aligns with 29 AD, being a jubilee, coinciding with the year our Lord was being revealed to Israel as the Lamb of God. I believe He is our jubilee and not just because of Luke 4: 18-21. Different to what I believe is correct, the 915ers jubilee alignment is not around the time of Jesus. With 29 AD being the best Christian and Jewish answer, the next big event will be the jubilee year of 2029.

8. Immaturity of the Christian Church
‘There is no baby brides.’

I guess one would reply with the words, ‘Will you can talk’. And I agree, when it comes to maturity and the lack of it, I throw my hat into the same ring, I am by no means an example of what we should be. Even so, if I am something or not something, it doesn’t change the principle, let a donkey talk, but who has ears to hear?

Here are some thoughts concerning maturity now I don’t believe its just about how much we squeal under pressure. Rather there are things that should come forth from the body before the end of days.

We have yet to crack the silver bullet of time and cosmic ageing, those fundamentals of the universe. Currently, the great secular minds are breaking many of the great Christian minds to believe their large period philosophies. [Not that I am against Big Time, just the secular conclusion]. Christian scientific pioneers have lost their place in the world; they’re no longer the front-runners of discoveries, the geniuses of the modern world. To show a simple comparison of greats, Einstein totally believed in a supreme God, Hawking’s very much doesn’t and, in fact, goes out of his way to mock Christian belief. The Christians can again be on the edge and time will come when all things, all mysteries will become revealed. We are living proof, that we live in the days of revelation, by both the amount of things being revealed and the amount of anti-revelation, those cover up’s going down. When the substrate of matter, is fully understood, it could embarrass the evolutionist. Research is in a hyper-development mode so that the science community themselves will probably discover this. They’ve already discovered many conflicts in evolution, so much so, they would like to discover a theory to unite all theories. Maybe one day they’ll just start giving up trying to disprove God. Throwing their arms into the air in dismay as they realise that the entire universe is an enigma. That only an incredible being could have knitted everything together with such hidden wonderment and careful detail while accomplishing the preservation of life itself.

There is a total lack of spiritual clarity [Christian type], a confusion that always points to falsehood. While the entire Western Christian movement has fallen pray to cleverly written books, often by academics, branded by church leaders as their own, targeting the gullible into another diluted conclusion of false spirituality. There was a day when church material could be trusted to deliver a pure message. Purity has fallen to get rich schemes by leaders who themselves are fallen prey to the snares of heaping up riches. Do you want revelation? Learn to read the word and worship Him in the spirit, as long as you can make yourself available. There is nothing the Holy Spirit will withhold from a loyal saint. But beware, we also live in the days of great deception, only the true witnesses can lead you, that is the Word of God and the Testimony of Jesus Christ. I believe that before the final days are in full motion, the body of Christ will have fallen in love again with the book of Revelation and with the full word of God, because we need to be a people who walk in the light, as He is in the light.

Who Is Ready
What is ready? The world, the saints or the workers. These are the three last day groups. According to the Matthew 24 & 25 parable, we already know, the world will not be ready. When they’re divided into the sheep and goat groups and judged accordingly, they had no idea as to why they were in these groups. Whether it is for life or death, they knew not the reason. Then we see in the ten virgins, where 50% of the saints will be ready and 50% of the saints will not be ready. Then there are the Lords workers, 33% were not functional. Tell me, do you think you’re ready? If the very moment you’re reading this a trumpet went, and the angel appeared and said, ‘It is time to go’. Would you be saying, “Yeah great, that time has come”. Or would you be like Switch, caught in the Matrix world, her final words were ‘Not like this’. Judge for yourself who is ready and by this you can judge for yourselves the readiness of the Church. If she were a cake, my personal conclusion would be; “Don’t be in such a hurry, throw her back in the oven.”

9. There is No Floating Week
’70 weeks is done and dusted.’

To those who understand the doctrines of 70 Weeks. I can say with absolute certainty, there is no floating Week. Everything in Daniels 70 weeks is completed. Nothing in this prophecy of Daniel 9:23-27, has yet to be completed. These prophetic markers, mapped out time points, the last being around 73/74 AD, which was the fall of Masada. Josephus noted, that this the final Jewish stronghold to suffer at the hands of the Roman army. Resulting in the entire nation of Israel to disperse, and bringing in the ‘The time of the Gentiles’. Just because theologians don’t understand how to count the days, doesn’t mean God doesn’t know how to count. We can truthfully say, everything in rules of counting is sequential, the rules don’t change just because a person can’t see the answer. Prophetic time in the old testament occasionally was calculated in ratio’s, but what is the ratio’s integer? To Ezekiel God said, “One day would equal one year”. But He never said this to Daniel. What is the integer ratio for Daniels 70 Weeks? The Magi knew this and they arrived at the right time to the infant Jesus.

This false 70 Week doctrine was established in the church by assuming the ration was like Ezekiel, one day equals one year. This has established delusional ideas about peace agreements. Which in turn becomes a Mystical Week period, that’s meant to be a seven year period, this collapses the world’s systems and the incarnation of the Antichrist then begins. This doctrine is more movie world material than biblical truth. They’ve already embraced it and enjoyed the profits. You’ve all run along and got excited over it, but I am sorry to say, along with Santa not being true, so is the floating week a false doctrine. Stop looking for something that does not exist. The Antichrist is already here and has been ruling the earth for centuries and very successfully. Did the UN accept true salvation by the blood of Jesus Christ? Did the World Bank accept Jesus Christ as the true Messiah, the King of Kings? And if not, why not? I am afraid that you are being deceived, along with those in Revelation chapter 13. Maybe it’s time to begin to pray and start seeking God as to what is truth.

10. There is No Convenient Way to Resolve Wrong Life Choices
‘Follow a righteous heart and not fear.’

Mark my words, September 2015 is going to end, like every other month and continue through to October like every other year. Are you a 915er, you could also have been a person believing the world would finish around the year 2000. You’re looking for signs and looking in all the wrong places. The Holy Spirit wants to reveal to you Jesus, the Father, and the precious word. The Lord wants to walk with you through trouble times and grow your understanding to know the seasons the Lord has committed to the earth.

Many would like a big flash and its all over. What a convenient way to resolve excessive living and marginal lifestyles. One big zap and all the debt is gone. A flash in the sky and no more having to deal with the ex. A big bang and no more neighbourhood conflicts. Yes, often we want it all to go away and so bundling an apocalypse doctrine into the mix, to bring a magical type resolve to our physical trials would be wonderful. But the Spirit is saying. He wants you to endure. He wants you to overcome. He wants you to be more than conquerors. He wants you to learn to follow Him; through the troubled seasons, through the hazy doctrines, through the noisy world, into His life, into His fellowship, into His teachings.

There is a large plan unfolding, and the Lord wants His people prepared, this won’t come by getting caught up in schisms and fear. It will happen through a daily life of listening and hearkening to His voice.

About Me
From a young age, I had an inclination towards knowing spiritual things, like talking to my Dad about what he was thinking about, when I had no idea that was on his mind. I was born again by a revelation in Jesus Christ in 79. From that wonderful day, I believed we could know things that were locked up in God as a mystery. I have experienced dreams of the future, or warning while in prayer of things to come and spoken some of these before they happened, both in church, business and family. I don’t always understand and often fall into traps even after knowing what would happen, but I am sure there is a journey in knowing what to do and how to interpret the voice of the Lord. I believe many are like me because the revelation gift is free for every believer. John saw thousands of years into the future, we also can see the coming events and understand what is to be, years before they eventuate. It is not just a prophetic gift. Jesus clearly defined this as available to all His children. [John 16:13].

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