Poor Ol’ Happy Feet, He just needed a little push

Poor Ol’ Happy Feet, He just needed a little push

Yeah, well, a little Push?, human abuse, that is all it was, but there is nothing strange in this. I mean, there was Happy, steering down that custom made slide. He was thinking, [Well that is what he reported to us, when we managed to catch up with him in the Antarctic] This is what Happy said, when we asked, did he push you?, “I was there up the top of that slide, thinking, I mean, can’t one just stop and think? I looked down the slide, Ohh, it looked so cool, what great slide, But wow, weren’t the surrounding familiar. Wait, hold on, I shouted to those humans, ‘isn’t that icebergs? Oh crap, guys, what are you doing. Just cause I came from this place… ‘ yeah, there I was, trying to explain my predicament, and boof, yeah, big Ol push and away I went, sliding down the proverbial I took a look back up at those ‘in-animal-terriams’ and shouted at them, ‘yeah you know what I said?.’ Well honestly Happy, we don’t know,     tell us…


So the King Penguin, continued, “Two thousand miles, you think I would have been given a medal, its one great feet, no pun intended. I know for awhile there,  I thought I really was in Penguin heaven, as all those human children came and visited, they were wonderful. It made that dreadful journey seam like a  pleasure trip. But now I was sliding down in to the depths I had only months before, just barely survived. Truth of the matter, I should have never called  that old Orca, ‘Big Lips’. Man was he mad and did I have to swim my heart out. But no, they never asked at the animal hospital for what reason I was almost dead, they just assumed.

Poor Ol’ Happy Feet, the humans just threw him back into the waters he escaped from. What will happen to Happy Feet the King Penguin, when Big Lips the Orca
finds he’s back in the Antarctic?

Happy, has a GPS, big brother is tracking him, but where is he now?

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