Christine Carmichiel, Missionary to Peru

Christine Carmichiel, is a dear friend of mine, who has ministered over 27 years in Peru, traveling many times throughout the nation. Based in Lima, God is opening the way for her to pastor a church, in a city of many great needs. She has dedicated her life to this work, where she not only pastors a flock, but teaches many church leaders in Peru how to draw unto God through praying in tongues. If you have a heart to support a Mission work in Peru, I recommend Christine to you. The following is an excerpt from her news letters.

From March 2016 Newsletter:

After twenty seven years planting churches, preaching and ministering the baptism in the Holy Spirit and teaching in many other cities, I have come to know more of God’s will for this country. Everywhere in the country is the dominant Catholic Church. The first missionaries here were Catholic. There is a mixed culture of native tribal peoples, Quechua people of the Andes and city dwellers who migrated into Lima from the provinces and a few outsiders. Lima is a big city with a population of almost ten million people; it is the third largest city in the Americas. People here work long hours and commuters traffic makes life here even more stressful. There is little free time until it is back to work again.

Getting to know the rhythm of life and everyday concerns of the people has been an eye opening experience to me. Spiritually speaking, I have seen a multitude of different doctrines which came in from different denominations and churches. All these influences have created a mixture of doctrines causing confusion, doubts and fears about the new birth and the Holy Spirit baptism. But I thank God for every opportunity I get to teach and witness about these things and to be a part of their spiritual growth. The Lord is always ready to minister his miracles, healing and deliverance to the needs of the people also.

Our church called Restoration Church has opened its doors anew to minister here in the district of Carabayllo. God is opening up lives and hearts to come to Jesus even amidst the darkness pressing in on the families around us who are dealing with sexual sins, drugs, crime, and false doctrines. Please pray for our neighbors to be set free and come to know Jesus as their Lord and Savior and walk in newness of life.

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