7. The Jubilee Principle


7. The Jubilee Principle

‘Time alignment needs to be correct.’

Reviewing the Jubilee list of dates given by the 915ers [believers in the Sept 2015 worlds end], shows that these period dates are out of alignment. We can throw any sets of dates around, but what is the proof? Give more than one witness and not just because of some professor. Modern Christian doctrines lack a baseline, a foundational point in time, which in turn fixes a navigational point, to calibrate and align with what we’re believing and seeing. You travel every day through calibrated equipment, measuring what speed, what time of day or what distance. Is it not about time the eschatology and apocalyptic societies grew up and put evidence in their assumptions?

I believe this timeline that shows the year 2015 to be a Jubilee is false. The most compelling reason is that this set of dates shows no alignment with the ‘Work of the Cross’. The periods I believe are correct, is the one that aligns with 29 AD, being a jubilee, coinciding with the year our Lord was being revealed to Israel as the Lamb of God. I believe He is our jubilee and not just because of Luke 4: 18-21. Different to what I believe is correct, the 915ers jubilee alignment is not around the time of Jesus. With 29 AD being the best Christian and Jewish answer, the next big event will be the jubilee year of 2029.

Why the world is not about to End

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