6. The Jerusalem Principle


6. The Jerusalem Principle

‘When the Holy Ghost falls there.’

The Holy Spirit fell in many locations over the last 120 years, mostly western, some outpourings in Asia and Africa. But how many occasions in an Arab nation? There are very important prophecies to fulfill for the Arab people, and possibly the most important is His return to Zion. When the Holy Ghost falls again in Jerusalem, we know the end is truly drawing near. And for that thought, I can’t understand why Christian leaders are teaching their people to look to earth sciences and world politics. These aren’t the tools to navigate the ideals of the times and seasons committed to our Lord. It would be better to teach clear biblical interpretations and the events within the body of Christ.

We should all continue to pray for Israel and pray for the Holy Spirit to move in Jerusalem, the Father still has a plan for His people of old.

Why the world is not about to End

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