5. The Maturity of the 666 System


5. The Maturity of the 666 System

‘The technology is still in its infancy.’

I have a very good understanding of the technology’s that works our world systems. The 666 system itself is still early days; we’re only at the beginning of, the ‘Age of Technology’. By the empowering of this new electronic world, the Governments and world leaders have also begun a ‘New Age’. Kingdom periods can last 250 to 500 years, through to over a 1000 years. Technology is only at the beginning period of global domination. The global sovereignties of old are polarizing, re-configuring and aligning themselves into their place into the future days. I believe it is possible that the world of the future will be ranked by cities and not nations.

Still one of the most important cities, the Mega City of Babylon, has yet to make her début. This city is a global capital, destined to control the entire earth and I can tell you, she is everything to do with the 666 systems. But she still needs to be built, or it is possible right now, she is being rebuilt, getting ready for her ratification as an independent sovereignty.

The 666 system as such is both a governing strategy and a massive collective of technologies. These will eventually mature to a full global coverage, as a system controlled by non-sovereign organisations, groups that aren’t governments. The day will come, when one click on an ‘Accept’ option, could damn your soul forever. Before this day comes, the world has a journey to go through. The political strategies to implement such an all-encompassing global network of control are very tedious. For this day now, the physical computing systems and their applications are still in development. Think about it, the world of internet usage is only some twenty years old. Already nations are falling, boundaries are changing, opinions and morals reshaping, new enemies growing, new global tactics developing, as everything on planet earth is being rearranged. These time periods are speeding up, things are happening very fast, but even so, the journey has still a distance to go.

In fall manifestation, she has a voice. [Rev 13] So keep a watch on synthetic organism’s, artificial intelligence and all forms of sentient computing.

My technology advice is to learn to be smart and don’t just depend on smart. There is a book of advice needed here.

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