2. The Final Hour Principle [Matt 20: 1-16]


2. The Final Hour Principle [Matt 20: 1-16] 

The day is not yet spent.”

The Kingdom of God continues to reap souls unto salvation, until the very last hour and last minute of the day. Known as the great harvest, here is a beautiful principle that needs greater understanding. The 11th hour described in Matthew chapter 20 is the final hour before sunset. For a modern solar day the 11th hour would be described as 5 pm. How does this relate, how should it be interpreted? Firstly, the concept is based on one day. Therefore, it must be referring to a Millennial Day. This principle described in 2 Peter and based upon Moses writings in Ps 90, explains how that one day of God’s Kingdom time, equals a thousand years of earth time. The Matthew 20 principle interpreted in this manner of a thousand years equals a day, clarifies the parable. Otherwise, the parable would make no sense because every farmer knows a harvest happens over a couple of months, not just one day.

Furthermore, Jesus explains, this harvest is so important, that workers go beyond the normal work hours. For in those days and in that nation, it would be custom to finish the days work 3 pm, or the 9th hour, known as the first evening. In this period, the customary sacrifice is made, and people prepare themselves for the true evening, having meals and completing duties for the end of the day.

The importance of the harvest is therefore emphasized by the continued of work and in this 9th hour there is a new release of harvesters into the field. Again more on the 11th hour more harvesters are called. They continue to work until there is no more daylight and all the fruit is in the barn.

Hour periods in a Millennial Day translates to 40 year periods. The same cycles were throughout the various periods of the children of Israel. For example, both Samuel, Saul, David and Solomon, all had a 40 year periods in their respective offices.

Just because there is an increasing approaching darkness, it doesn’t mean the harvest is suddenly over. As long as there are souls in the harvest and souls able to be saved, then the light is there to save, and the day is not yet over.

Maybe you fell like one those laborers, standing around waiting for work, that moment the Lord will say, ‘Go’. Don’t let the end of the world teaching distract you. Keep seeking the Lord for your place in the harvest. See how He works till all is complete, and so He has a job for you to do as well, but as Moses discovered there can be this waiting period.

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