1. The Thief Principle, Suddenly


1. The Thief Principle, Suddenly

The hour of the watchers, is not the hour.”

To many people are watching out for this speed bump.

I remember a day, they went down to the beach to see the big one, and it never came.

I remember a day, they were gazing at the beach, mesmerised by strange events, when suddenly, the big one struck.

Everyone is currently too aware, everyone is watching, but the driving emphasis of the end-time message is the thief in the night principle. It falls on an unsuspecting world. For the believer, the message is to be always watching, and not to get sidetracked by the joys of the world. For those who don’t know, the message is to be converted. In this new millennial, there are some terrible examples of suddenly. In September the eleventh, 2001, the twin towers fell, widely known as the 911 event, striking suddenly to an unsuspecting world. The ‘Truthers’ of 911 claim some did know. However not so for the 26th of December 2004, the Indian Ocean was suddenly rocked by an earthquake, and the resulting tsunami killed 200,000 people. There are no reports that any person was able to prepare for this colossal disaster. Then in a similar fashion, a large meteorite exploded over Chelyabinsk. A city that manufactured cold war munition was impacted suddenly by a shock wave that injured 1500 people from broken glass. To every sudden event, the impact was devastating with no preparation. These humongous events are the signs of the end times, as they come suddenly and melt our hearts with fear. But if we already knew it was going to happen, then it would not be such an end time event.

Maybe this is why every apocalyptic type of predictions always falls flat on its face. Paul concludes; 1Thes 5:3-4 (NKJ), For when they say, “Peace and safety!” then sudden destruction comes upon them, as labour pains upon a pregnant woman. And they shall not escape. But you, brethren, are not in darkness, so that this Day should overtake you as a thief.

Solomon also gives us wisdom, Prov 3:25 (NKJ), Do not be afraid of sudden terror, nor of trouble from the wicked when it comes.

See our Father in Heaven, wants us to learn to be dependent on Him, to know where to go and what to do and what to avoid because you hear from Him. We live in days of trouble so that the lessons of life should be in learning to walk in the Spirit, in His way.

Why the world is not about to End

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