3. The Wine-press Principle [Is 63:2-3 + Rev 14]


3.  The Wine-press Principle [Is 63:2-3 + Rev 14]

Its a work of Love, Passion and most of all Patience.”

There was a time I related this to something horrible because the concept seemed to involve death and suffering. Then one day the Lord opened my eyes. In the business of recycling, income is directly proportional to the yields from the materials recycled. I saw the principle, a vineyard manager also carefully treads the grapes, over and over again, until the very last drop. How much more does the Master, our Lord, lovingly tread out the wine-press?

He alone is worthy, He looked and there was no one to help because no one loved as He loved, no one cared like He cared, no one was qualified like He is qualified. And He will tread and tread with love and patience to all is done. This harvest principle is until the very last soul; that can be, will be saved.

Like a recycler will work to extract everything possible, a wine-press owner works for best results and till the very final yield. The Lamb was the only qualified one, and He will work and work till the job completely over, to the glory of the Father.

Our job in this is to continue to pray for the lost and the ungodly, and not to lose focus on what is important in the Kingdom.

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