Following Your Prophetic Journey

The Greatest Message I ever shared, was thirty six years ago to a single audience, just one hungry heart. He never understood exactly what the emptiness was inside. By a simple message of just three words, I believe, one of the greatest messages preached, in which exposed his spiritual needs, and drove him into a great journey of discovery. Six months passed and my recipient found himself banging on the doors of Pastors houses late at night, if just to discover what he felt so undone about. Tormented, by just a simple three worded message, and maybe it was not just the words, but the deep compelling conviction in which it was relayed to him with. My three word message is just as relevant 36 years later, as it was that day, all that I said there was, “I need God”. If you want to convey your faith, its not how many words, but the conviction behind the words you speak. This small message put a lost soul on to a prophetic journey, one he has never looked back from and thirty six years later he still Loves Jesus.

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