You’ve Got Time and the day of the GPS : Part 5

You’ve Got Time and the day of the GPS : Part 5

Jane had been starring to one side of the consuming Tornado and suddenly she pushed John away while diving to the floor, for Jane had started to notice that there was a plug and cable connecting the computers to the floor cable duct, where the power grid is feed from. As she leapt over the desk to the floor, she Grabbed this cable, the tornado fort back and whisked her off her feet and whirled her around behind the desk, as she held on, for life and for life itself, with all the tenacity and all the strength, that makes great heroes. The plug then ripped from out of the floor and she fell to the ground, landing on her feet. As she steadied herself, the Tornado of the GPES, shrunk back into the screen, as the power was draining, like water going down the basins drain hole, the tornado totally vanished and the pull into the tornado left and Jane and John looking at each other, with a sudden glimmer of hope.

Jane shouted
“We have now only 2 seconds to unplug all these 5000 computers, to save these 1000 staff remaining staff and ourselves, the world and the universe, butI calculate its going to take 30 minutes to do this, so we don’t have any time left for babbling”
But John was developing deep remorse

“Wow Jane, your brain has come alive since you unplugged, but I guess its to late for we are all doomed, 2 seconds would never be enough time, and wow, I was just
starting to talk again, its like…. John was blabbing again, Its like…. “Like what John”, she gave him that distained look.. Gee, I don’t…

Just then, Jane leapt over two desks and a whole cubicle, quickly unplugging John’s computer, just as the Giant Shredder, started to shred the hardware. Yes that is right, that is exactly what I said, its exactly what happened, Jane Leapt over the two desks, in a giant Single bound. With only 2 very looonnng seconds now to go, before TEOTW drawing so near. [Dare we ever use even more acronyms]

Johns soppy eyes cleared up, as the Tornado in his computer vanished, and then in his mind, with just 1.5 seconds remaining to save the world, he remembered a very important event, that happened many years ago. At the time it happened, he thought nothing of it, but now, everything became clear, life, moments, seconds, were at intersections in time and space, an apex of everything that was meant to be was happening in a harmony of reality.


John now knew he had an answer, destiny and purposed embraced, all of Johns life, was meant for this very time and place. Because life for these past five years had been a great struggle for John, for from the time he had joined the company,
he would forget things, he just would say, there nothing now to remember, so what is the point. John had come out of University, he completed his M.O.D.[Master of Diplomacy], and his S.P.A.T, [Special Paper Academy of Technology ]. In his interview he had expressed how it was a deep desire of his, to change the world, to do good for humanity and to benefit society.

It would have been meaningful, if it wasn’t for the fact, his interviewer had a
hearing problem. But John was never one to judge, so really, his interviewer could have been deaf, blind, mute and half dead, and he wouldn’t have worried him for his motto was always, Judge Not..

In the first weeks, John’s worked with an incredible figure, he’d type madly, he’d type hard, he type quick, he typed with rhythm, for he believed, he knew, well he just begun to hope, then soon hope drifted into whimsical dreams and dreams became distorted world views, leading to depression.

The company doctor said to him, this is “Post Computing Depression ” and it seamed common, but the company had discovered these pills would help. John took the pills, soon, he didn’t even seam to be himself, coming everyday to work, he had become somebody else. Just another slave to the code to code, but now is computer was unplugged, something of the old John rose up in him.

Now John looked into Jane big eyes, a beaming face, there was a new closeness between them, a new purpose, and John remembered something that had happened in his past. With only 1 seconds to go and 500 staff shouting out, “Please John hurry up”. The world and the universe was begging to be saved. John pulled from out his pocket a small card, like that of a business card, and as he pulled it up, slowly, it was very slow, it was so so slow, that Jane counted the amount of steps an ant took, to
cross the corridor. And yet all this happened in under 1 second. Interesting though Jane, even at the end of the world with under 1 second to go, could calculate just how many steps the any would take to cross the corridor.

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