God Loves You

How can I possibly tell you how much God loves you? A child goes astray from its mother and father. The child is lost in the wilderness, a forest, a terrible place, for two days, The parents call on all their friends, their family and emergency services, to help search for this one child, There is fifty people, searching, calling out the Childs name, working deep into the night, not sleeping, fifty people so concerned for the child and for the parents loss. Down from a deep revenge, there is heard a faint cry.

The rescuers fight the dangers, the steep cliff face, they put their own lives in danger to search out the gully, and there they find the child in a bush, unconscious from a fall. They save her that hour. Her mother and father hear through their mobiles and come rushing to the area. They see their child, with great tears in their eyes they embrace her; they hold her with love, affection and well being. Their tears pour over her. They feared the worst, but now all is okay.

The child is limp and cold, the parents embrace is warm, but she feels nothing, the shock and the terror of being lost and alone has left her in shock. Slowly she warms, the parents tears falling on her face awakens her. She looks into the tearful eyes of her mother and reaches her little hand onto her mothers check and rubs the tears. “Mummy”, she says softly “Why are you crying?” The mother experiences unexplainable joy, she is stumped for words, and whispers back, “I love you”.

They spend the day with her, helping the recovery and just so glad she is found. They spend the following week rejoicing, thanking all those who helped, and all those who also felt their concern.

How much more does God Love you, you have found this letter, found these words read these words, I am a stranger to you, but He is not a stranger to you, He will embrace you, you are His lost child, He will His pour tears over you. Just remain quiet before Him and let His love and the warmth of His presence fill you and reveal His love to you. You; like a little child who’s been out in the cold, there may be no feeling at first, you could sense nothing, but give it time, keep your faith, God loves you more than that mother loves her child, more, inexpressibly more.

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