You’ve Got Time and the day of the GPS : Part 4

You’ve Got Time and the day of the GPS : Part 4

Jane’s, facials became a quite ‘Oh my gosh’. John you’re talking. Yes, this plot is now obvious, because look, [John pointed to the Director, still addressing the company, that was really and literately, going down the plug whole] Look again Jane, he’s not a human. All 5000 staff shouted in a synchronized manner, just like in a Broadway Show, “He’s Not!!” No he’s not, he actually an Alien as well, look, he only has a head, thats connected to a giant tentacle.”

Everyone was in a great shock as the shadow of death started to pass over them. Twirling darkness started emerging from every computer in the room, eating and consuming as it grew. John said again, “No this is not a Great Giant data Shredder, this is really a Great big, Awesome Giant Planet Eating Alien. 4500 office workers now screamed, and screamed and screamed, while the Directors Head burbled and started to laugh, so evil and Dick Dastardly was the laugh [for lack of a better animation, I have had to resort to an old cartoon], it would have sent shivers up your spine, but really, we were already in enough of a quizzle and nobody had any more time for goosy shivers.


Jane and John was being Pulled into this tornado of endless darkness, like an alluring prize of unrelenting magnetic gravitation, the storm wanted them, and it was more than in-a-tea-cup, it was drawing them in, and there was nothing they could do. Suddenly, Dick was there, he had arrived and was beside Jane and John. Far over on the other side of the super large warehouse office, the Directors head was waving from side to side, just as a head on a giant tentacle would do. One of many giant tentacles that was actually his body, and the whole being from where all the giant tentacles came out from was laughing hysterically and uncontrollably at the fate and final end of the world and the universe.

It was all very sickening.

The Director started to shout, “You’re all doomed, we’ve fooled all you stupid humans, haha-haha-haha” he rattle on, as being an Apple on the outer limbs of
tree blown in a storm, swaying from side to side in an uncontrollable motion. Then more tentacles could be seen, with heads, and a storm was twirling around like the Great Alien Beast with Tentacles and many Heads in a Giant Tornado would do. Now was also consuming not only Janes Computer but her desk also.

The Director continued in his mockery, ” You’re all dead, and you’re all the cause of your own death and the death of the universe, haha-haha-haha.”

At that time, Jane said to Dick, “Surely this is what was predicted in “666 The Number”. “No”, said Dick, this is far worse, because no-one could ever had known or
predicted what is happening here today. “What you and all these 5000 staff were typing everyday was actually a Secret Alien Code, known as “Alien
Bits”, but also known as “Extraterrestrial Computer Programming Language”, or ECPL, as not to get confused with ALIEN, a “generator for interactive
language-specific programming environments”.

And in these 5 years of 5000 staff programming ECPL, on Dec Core Vantom Super, Plus 1, Version 10, with a Hexual Trigger upgrade, for Power Interface and Real-time Integration, you’ve all been a party to Coding a Great Giant Data Shredder, but this was a disguise, yes in fooling us, they’d fooled us all. What was really being programmed is a “Giant Planet Eating Shredder”, [we added the Eating, it just sounded more terrible] that will undoubtedly, consume even the whole universe.

“Oh My Gosh” said Jane and John together. “Yes” continued Dick, “And in fact, look…” he pointed at the tornado consuming Janes computer, and there they could actually see, Janes computer was not all totally consumed, they could see some of the screen still and there on the lower corner of the screen, was numbers, ticking down, second by second, it was ticking down. The number was now at 10 and the next number, will be 9. “We have just 10 seconds left to save the universe.” Dick shouted, but the shout was actually about the same as normal speech, for his voice……. well you remember.

What said Jane and John, with the commotion everywhere, the screaming from the 3750 remaining staff members, the laughing from the Giant Directors Head and the Whirling of Great Giant Planet Eating Shredder.

With only 10 seconds to go, you’d think there’d be little to no time to discuss these things, but it is and incredible and strangely and accurately documented research through out all of Hollywood, that when it comes to the end of the world, there is still plenty of time for such long winded events, such as romance, long boring dialogues, lots of chatter, timeless emotion, laughter and long boring speeches revealing the “evil plans” and the heroes “righteous just causes” to over throw the mega mania’s plot, as is needed, to tell the story.

“What did you say” shouted Jane. Dick this time shouted in Janes ear, some how a that precise time, his voice came right, not only did Janes left ear, clearly hear every word, but Janes right ear heard also heard the words, both of Johns ears also heard, and so did all the ears of the 3000 remaining staff hear. As well of course did the evil malicious swirling director also hear.

“I said, “We have just 9 seconds left to save the universe.” John and 2900 fellow staff gasped, Jane slapped Dick for shouting in her ear. ” Why did you do that?” Dick retaliated.” You shouted in my ear” replied Jane as she held her hands over her ears.

“That is amazing, right at the very terrible time, with 8 seconds remaining before world is destroyed and now my voice works properly”. ‘Look! ” Continued Dick, while pointing to the screen “We have no time for this, there is only 7 seconds to go. ” Right then, Dick pulled out a screwdriver, that had lots of lights running up and down and it was making a strange sound.

The pull now towards the three from the growing tornado of the “Giant Planet Eating Shredder”, that was swirling in Janes computer, was so strong, Dick, Jane and John, was holding onto each other, as so not to get sucked in by the Vacuum effect.

Jane was now looking at this bright flashing object in Dicks hand, “What’s that?” she asked, “You must let me go” replied Dick. “No ” said Jane, you’ll get sucked in to the GPES” [We’re now using acronyms because time was running out for the reading out of excessively long descriptive titles]. “Look into my eyes Jane” Dick replied in a sudden turn around hero like way. “Do you believe in me?” Dick seamed so stupidly sincere “Hugh, what” Jane stared back into Dicks eyes, like, what planet are you now from. ” Let me go Jane, I must go” Dick pushed Jane and John away from himself, right then Jane realised, “Oh my Gosh” again said Jane, ” You’re not really Dick, the ordinary person who’s our gate keeper, that we’ve being calling Dick, but you’re actually from another D, you’re The D..”” She didn’t get a chance to complete her sentence, when right then, Dick, who was not really Dick, as supposed, as Jane had just begun to point out, Suddenly, but in a very slow “Bullet Time” fashion, began to be sucked into the GPES Tornado, that was consuming Janes Computer. Jane, John, and the 2500 workers of the company gasped, and Dick, who is not really Dick, but as far as we now know, he was actually called “The D”… was slowly sucked in to the endless twisting dark and delirious GPES that was swirling out from Janes computer, will there screaming and panicking, Jane and John saw him disappear. Now there was only 5 seconds left to save their lives, the 2000 workers, the planet and the universe, from the utter destruction and annihilation

‘John’, said Jane, starring in his eyes, while they embraced in each others arms, though still at a comfortable distance, “Yes Jane” replied John, Seizing the Moment, on possibly the that last and final time with Jane, with the company, with the world, with the universe. ” I should have never of hit the Enter Button, those five times, will you forgive me”.

“Jane” replied John, in the middle of pandemonium, but like and as if, they were in a soap opera, that they were actually the only two left in the story, [but just to be sure they new they were the only ones in the quickly disappearing building,, the remaining 1500 shouted together, “we’re still here”] John told them all to hush, as now John was considering maybe this was a good time to tell Jane, just how he felt about her and so like most guys, their Timing is Never good.

“Don’t be so hard on yourself, why sure, hitting the “Enter Key” 5 times, on your DCVS …… [with only a few second remaining to tell this story, I had to go for an acronym for Janes computer, which as you remember is a Dec Core Vantom Super, Plus 1, Version 10, with a Hexual Trigger upgrade, for Power Interface and Real-time Integration,] was the final Strokes, that opened the earth and the universe to its final and total doom, it was the “master key stroke” in essence, but it was not your fault that you never read the ‘Permission Script’, for these types of ‘Agreement Licenses’ are so common in everyday computing, and of course if we were to read every ‘Agreement License’ fully; we’d never have time, to do our work, or play the many games, we enjoy. The GPES knew this and …..” Jane placed her index finger across John’s lips “Enough already, its not helping” she replied. Jane had a sensation beginning to roll over her. She suddenly Cried out, “John, oh my gosh, we need to do something, before the Whole World, gets Sucked into these Computers”

Maybe late statement had just come a little to late, as with there being only 4 seconds left, before the entire dismantling and consuming of the entire world and the universe, and event that was caused through this company programming an alien code just maybe the whole world had already become sucked in to these computers.

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