Is this Another 666 Beast Decoded ?

New Zealand is battering a ‘Coding Revelation Storm’, as politically motivated wannabes attempt a voting swing, through unfolding more of the present day global position, that the Lords of the Earth, would prefer not to discuss. However Snowden, and Kim Dotcom were insistent they were true, and why wouldn’t they be? These things are already revealed in the book ‘Decoding the Beast’.

XKeyscore-Speargun-Key-digs-in-on-spook-claims . READ MORE

So here is some some new calculations.

Internet                                            = 105
X-KEYSCORE                                 = 125  [A program used by NSA]
John Phillip Key                             = 170  [ Full name of New Zealand Prime Minister ]
Tailored Access Operations         = 266  [ NSA division for hacking ]
Total                                                 = 666

XKeyscore                                                  = 125  [A program used by NSA]
Speargun                                                    = 101 [A plan to tap the optic fibre link ]
John Key                                                     = 88 [ New Zealand Prime Minister ]
United States Department of Defense = 352
Total                                                           = 666

I don’t think this means John Key is the Antichrist, rather a another pawn in a global game of chess, played by unseen communities and entities, for total world power.

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