The Gun, Empowers the Cowardly Attacker

“Guns don’t’ Kill people, people kill people” is the leading defence by the NRA, for Gun Freedom in America and again this is coming back to haunt them.

There is three things involved in these horrible killings within America. A Gun, Bullets and scared ‘Urbanised Children’ crying out for self-empowerment. To be honest as we’ve experienced the terrible bullying culture in middleclass schools, its no surprise their biggest enemies have become themselves.

# Aurora, Colorado, 12 Dead, 38 wounded
# Columbine High School massacre, 13 Dead, 21 wounded

Nineteen miles and thirteen years separate these two deadly events. How can the nightmares ever fade away, when the most powerful country in the world, openly supports the Freedom of Guns.

The politics of America is beyond my understanding, but what I do know with absolute certainty, is the truth behind these killings. Those absolute innocent victims, died through Bullet Wounds. Bullets that were shot from the Guns, that according to the NRA don’t kill people.

Not just these people died, it appears America looses more than 30,000 people per year to the Freedom Gun; that personal right to the American to defend oneself with a Gun. Or in many cases many guns. Yet it is not the gun that does such terrible damage, but the bullet fired from the gun, that does this terrible work of wounding and killing.

The idea that the Gun is innocent to the situation is as crazy as the killer himself who after the deadly terror they evoke, claim innocence. Right, the Killer didn’t do it the gun didn’t do it, just the bullet is where the sole blame should be cast?.

Let us look at this situation in a logical manner.

# 30000 per year DEAD in America from Bullets fired from Guns. By contrast, how many per year used their ‘Right to Protect’ themselves, with that same Freedom Gun and by that protecting saved their own life? Every American claims they need this Freedom Gun, but in reality, how often is it used? So for 30,000 a year, to loose their right to live, for the 100,000’s who lose their loved ones, for that right, does this make it right?

# It is a scary country to fly into, if it is to discover that every citizen is packing, according to their personal rights. I mean really, aren’t the times of the Wild West over. Sure, hunting or wilderness, farming, rural living, shooting snakes, protection against bear attacks, that’s a necessity, but the problem seams to be an Urban one. The frontier days are long gone and now we’re a civilised mature people. Why do we need a gun to protect ourselves against a neighbour? Doesn’t every other citizen go to church? Don’t they there pray and put their trust in the Lord. Something is not right here.

# Bullets do the killing, the gun delivers the mechanism to fire the bullet and the person holding the gun squeezes the trigger. Like tea is drunk in a teacup, they both work together. People don’t blame the teacup for a bad cup of tea. They don’t throw that cup away, but rather make a fresh pot and pour again into the cup.

The person attempting to commit heinous crimes with just bullets and no gun would not succeed. The Gun provides the chamber for the bullet to shoot. The bullet is what kills. But the bullet without the gun won’t have much effect. A bullet can be fired without a gun but with little effect, because it is very difficult to aim that bullet to hit a target. If the killer went into their abode to commit many murders and all they had was a bag of bullets and a hammer, then how many people in the crowd would die? By chance, one person gets hit, but soon people would see and be able to tackle that terrorist. Instead of 12 dead and 30 wounded, he would be lucky to get one wounded, before restrained by the crowd.

So trying to commit a mass killing with bullets only and no gun doesn’t work. They need the Gun as the vehicle to shoot those bullets with. Think on this, Mr Gun Lobbyer, Mrs Freedom Gun and Mr NRA. If Guns don’t kill, then tell me, how many people in a year would have died if all they had was the bullets only to shoot, with no gun to shoot them in?

# So if the Bullets are the trouble, let us take a logical look at how the mass killer would succeed with no bullets. Firstly, say he thinks, “I have studied the NRA and Guns Don’t Kill, so what can I use for this mass killing?” So he goes into his chosen kill zone, armed with “Large Stones”
He sneaks up to his first victim. Distance is now an issue, so he tries a fast attack with a big blow to the head. No sooner, the person close by understands what is happening and soon three or four people have pounced on the attacker. He is disarmed and held for the police to arrive. How many did the attacker wound without the Gun loaded with bullets? One, at the best two, it would be a 50:50 call on whether there was any fatalities.

# Okay so the rock wasn’t as affective as the Gun, so the attacker after coming out of prison has another try at this. Knowing the rock doesn’t work, and seeing the NRA still claims that guns doesn’t kill, chooses a large knife with some back up knifes. When he comes into the kill zone, again there is the problem of close combat. Yes the knife will do efffective fast damage and be very difficult to disarm if the attacker is one that has practised knife attacks. But…

Just how many could the attacker kill, before again the crowd over power or even just flee? Thinking this through, maybe if the attacker was trained in physical combat, then like a Rambo, they could kill and wound quite a few people. But the killer we’re comparing is a whimsy school kid and a university student. Not being military trained it is very unlikely that the Aurora Killer or the Columbine Killer could hold a knife and kill somebody with it, let alone a dozen.

The Gun, Empowers the Cowardly Attacker

Close encounter combat takes a great amount of skill and strength that cowards who hide behind guns don’t have. How many would have died if all they had was knives? Maybe one or two and those bringing the killer to submission could get wounded, maybe fatal. But the person using a knife to do a mass killing is not going to be effective as what a gun would do.

The reality is that these desperately disturbed human beings, who are arming themselves with incredibly dangerous Rifles and Guns, with many rounds of Bullets, which both have been carefully engineered only for the purpose of wounding and killing its victim, these humans that do these things, would not have the Guts, Strength, Grit or Skill, to do the same damage without that Gun and its bullets.

By the Gun, the Killer can detach themselves from the Crime, like a game there could be very little difference to Playing their favourite Computer Games, like Counter Strike and shooting a Gun at Real People. The distance the Weapon creates, give them the Empowering to do the Damage. Take away that empowering, and the Killer would have nothing to use. Rocks and Knives won’t do it. Bow and Arrows, Spears, they all take more skill than just a Rifle or handgun. The bullets from these perfectly designed weapons do all the work for the killer, without the weapon, the killer has no power to be a killer. Therefore as the Gun is providing the Empowerment, the Gun itself is as much to blame. Therefore also, the Maker, the designer, the supplier, the law maker and every lobby group who backed the freedom, for this scared kid, to get self empowered by such a deadly weapon, all have a responsibility to own up to.

As well as the killer being empowered by the loaded gun. They create a terrifying aura around themselves, so that the victims are too afraid to charge the killer to disarm that one. The attacker controls that situation, fear and surprise win the day for the killer, to which if they had no gun, it would have been impossible for them to achieve..

The very people that needed the freedom to bare arms and shoot back are the ones being victimised, by the surprise attack upon them that was made available, by the freedom to bare arms. The fear of the neighbour being weaponized, creates a law, that gives the right to empower scared children, to bare arms and kill the innocent. If they had no access to these Guns and Bullets, these deaths would never have eventuated.

The National Rifle Association, and American’s, is your Freedom also the Right, for scared snotty children, to bear arms, to take a gun, and kill innocent Americans, who believe its their right to have this gun. The world is changed, where is the bravery gone, why won’t a nation call for action against these senseless killings?

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