The Silent World

The Silent World
There are many with a conviction and they’re wondering through life as a silent witness. Don’t ask, and they won’t tell, ask and they’ll still not tell. It’s a fragile spiritual existence, needing a deeper reality, because they’re alive but dormant. Hidden by the modernist world with a silent view, that’s choked by the cunning master of unseen games, who reigns in the unseen silent kingdoms of the earth.

Who would talk when the gag order is made, who’d whisper, when the threat is against social sanity. Thoughts, impressions and unseen thinking rages in the darkness, like the storm, felt not seen, like the sky weighing its force on the sea, it weighs unseen measurements on the human conscious. Talk about what we know, proudly deliberating extraordinary tangible knowledge. That is the guise. Who then would voice matters of undeterminable issues?

The subtle man, of hidden purposes refuses to admit, he shakes his head, no not me. The interrogator looks sternly, pondering, who or how, will light be shed in this matter. How will one determine what is true and what is not. Anyone can say anything about their person, while it’s a dark room. And movie makers have skill to convince the wisest of deceit, “Reality TV” or “Painted reality TV”, dressed in a fashion especially for you.

The poor beggarly conscious will not accept any other than what they want to accept. Reality or Virtual? Its no longer as a person thinks that’s who they are, its as a person would like to think who they are, is who they make out they are. Try to prove them wrong. If a person was to say, “They believe, they practice religion, they’re a Christian, they go to church” Who then could ever say otherwise. Well good on them. Yet a statement about their faith is not a statement of faith. It’s a possible glimpse of conviction, or possibly a deception, but its certainly no answer to true faith. Faith is determined by what is truly coming out of the mouth.

The heart believes; it’s a conviction, but salvation is by the confession of faith. To speak the words of your belief, to proclaim, that which you believe, will either justify you if its the truth, or condemn you if it is not thte truth. To not proclaim, is not to justify you, and to leave you in the valley of uncertainty. To proclaim the truth and to be justified is to be full of surety with a certainty in your heart, that God is true, with the assurance of a healthy eternity.

That therefore which is unseen is then made evident, Justified by Faith. That which remains hidden is not evident and if it remains hidden, who can be sure of the outcome. Maybe you’ll find glory, maybe you won’t, God will be your judge, but you’ll only know what the outcome is, when the time is then too late to change.

In that day when your person leaves your body, right then, You’ll be seen according to the life in the earth body, there’ll be no chance to change a matter, all things will be determined according to as they really are, all things will be in the light as He Himself also is in the light and you yourself will also be subject to that light because in this place, darkness no longer has a place. Does the darkness own you, or does the light own you?

It’s and unknown realm. Will you play with your life, with the things you’ll not ultimately have control over? Will you play with darkness and hid things from the light, and take a chance?

When your body falls to the ground, it takes its final breath and your person no longer is held there in by its requirements, then you yourself will loose control. Only in this earth realm you have control. You control your car, type on your computer and push the buttons of your remote control. You say, yes I’ll buy this, and no I won’t buy that. You live and decide; you have charge in your affairs in this earth realm. This a solid experience for every living conscious; all who are bound to their earth bodies, because it is the earth bodies that have the earth jurisdiction. The Law, the governments and every thing produced, is for the order and pleasure of the earthly body.

When the body dies, all law and order relating to the earth body, also dies. Property is divided amongst the living and not the dead. All penalties of wrong and all rewards of right done by this person, is now cancelled. They no longer have a right in the earth. They no longer can make decisions to affect the living. They longer go to meetings, they don’t drive cars and they no longer have a right to the earth. No one pays money to the dead, while some are involved in forms of necromancy, even those activities are limited through the laws of those living in earth bodies.

Just as there is no more power for the departed person in the earth, so there is no more power for the departed person, to avoid anything but spiritual realities. Nothing is virtual any more as what was imagined by the earth mind, is now measured by the Real. Whatever was conceived and believed in the earth body, will now be judged by the Real. To the Muslim, will they find paradise? To Hindu, will they have a new earth body? To the agnostic will they find anything? To the atheist, will they find nothing? To the Christian, will they have salvation?

Here in is the ultimate reality. No longer are the myths and ideas of the earth going to count. The Dead have no place amongst the living. So if you’re going to gamble, if you’re going to hope, if you’re going to wonder, if you’re going to have any tiny fragment of glimmer in any way, to what will happen in that world of the departed, that is hidden by the earth life you now live in. Then you would best make sure, make absolutely sure, that what you hope, what you have an idea about, what you have a dream for, what you have a glimmer for, be far more certain than a gamble, because no matter what the movies tell you, no matter what Hinduism says, nobody can for certainly say anything else than this statement, “In Death, you only have one chance”

Man dies once, your conscious, the life you breath on this earth; has only one chance at dying. And then what happens?

For someone to think its normal for every person to have more than one shot at dying, they’d best find some good proof so they’re not gambling on this idea. If you have even the smallest of impressions, that just maybe, just possibly, this God in Jesus Christ thing is real, then by golly, why would you ever chance it on a gamble?

Today we live and tomorrow we die, then we have no more power to change anything if by any chance; we just played our cards wrong. Its over, it’s done. The cake is baked and now removed from the oven. The Clay is fired and removed from the kiln. The fruit is grown and plucked from the tree. It is finished, there is no turning back, It is complete, it can’t be changed, what it is will be found out. Did the pot last the firing? It’s too late to change the forming. Was the fruit an orange? It’s now late to change the seed. Was the cake tasty? It’s now too late to change the ingredients.

Death is not like earth realms, where we can work on changing the out come.

Its finished. And when you die, its finished for you. You can’t come back to change that wrong decision. Millions of people make wrong decisions everyday and most all people live in some type of regret, but we don’t see cues of souls coming back out of the graves or morgs, cueing up to return into the earth world too make some changes? Why? Because, it just can’t happen this way.

In death, the things you thought, the things you were unsure of and everything unknown is then made known. Will you Pass Go? Will you get to Base One? Will you pass through the Gate? Or will you rather be struck out and refused entry? What determines this end? What can change your future from an uncertainty, from a glimmer to a definite certainty? A conviction is only a conviction, as long as it is left in darkness. Nothing is justified in the heart or in the mind without words. Words need to correspond.

With the heart man believes unto righteousness and by the mouth; confession is made unto salvation. If you want the assurance, that countless, thousands upon thousands have discovered through the ages. If you want that joy and happiness, to know everything will be okay, if you want that peace, that keeps you through all the days, that even through the gates of death, the strong peace remains. A peace hundreds of thousands, right this minute in the earth can testify to having. Not because they parrot the words of another man, or repeat the creed of an organization; but because these things they have personally confessed to and found them to be true.

They have confessed that there is salvation through no other name, the Name of Jesus Christ. Eternal life; can only be found through Him, whom He sent, to save and give a future and a hope. It’s Him, who gives us the Peace that surpasses all understanding.

It is no scam, needing no money donated, it’s simply Free.
To make your salvation sure, to make your future certain;
“Speak it with your mouth”

Its not a case of, oh well, I confessed these things as a child, so yes I do believe. That might not stand, what do you confess today, its your words spoken today, while you breath, that will determine your tomorrow. Not rather the words of your past. Why take a chance, why gamble on your childhood. You’ll die as an adult and not a child and your adult life is who you are. The past won’t save you, only the now.

To speak the words that will save you, say these words

“Jesus, Son of God, I believe you were sent by God the Father of Heaven and Earth, you were given an earth body, and in the earth you died for my sins and all my short falls. I couldn’t be saved, but Jesus you came and saved me. I repent of all my sins and unbelief and believe upon God, and Jesus Christ the Son of God. I receive now all Your plan of Salvation, right now in the name of Jesus. I confess the bible verse, John 3:16, “That God so loved the world, that He sent his only begotten son, Jesus Christ, not to condemn the world, but to save the world, so that whoever believes in Him, will be saved and not enter eternal damnation” I am believing you right now Jesus, I am Believing right now that the True God, has truly saved me through His Son Jesus Christ” I am saved, the blood of Jesus Christ, that was split on Calvary, has saved me from hell and promised me Heaven, I give you my live, please give me that assurance you promised, the peace that surpasses all understanding and now lead me the paths of life I should now follow, I confess and pray this, in the Name of Jesus”

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