An End Time Psalm, Solving the Puzzle

An End Time Psalm, Solving the Puzzle, by Graeme Torckler

The Word, what a wonder. It is my deepest desire to convey an interpretation of Truth that encourages and enlightens you, to know Him more, to know Him better and more so to know Him as He truly is, He is God and in Him is no darkness, none at all, not even one minuscule subatomic particle of darkness. In all eternities to come, there will only ever be discovered in Him, goodness and mercy, light and justice. Never will there ever be known or discovered any wrong in our God. The wrong is in us, but the deliverance is in a daily walk with Him. Go to all the captives of darkness and enquire to everyone, for there is not one there, who didn’t want to be there, by default, because they refused to be in the light. Go to all the children of light, there is not one there that didn’t want to be there. Through the ages, God declares His justice and mercy and no one will hold him to account. For His account of all things has already been declared and for centuries, published and made known to the nations.

The old and new testimonies are perfectly synchronised, there is nothing out of order, they interjoin at the hip, the voice of the first is spoken through the second, everything is in perfect harmony like second-generation code is compiled from the first generation, like small stones making bricks, to build houses, so the new testament is written in language and voice of the old testament.

The key we always need is to understand how they assemble together. I believe the Book of Hebrews reveals a perfect revelation, old and new and gives a benchmark for the interpretation. The first depends on the second and the second depends on the first. As husband and wife they shouldn’t be separated, but just how they fit together is also a mystery, that only the Holy Spirit can truthfully reveal. Therefore knowing scripture is more revelation dependent, than language dependant.

Our great God, through various seasons and times, threw jigsaw puzzle pieces into the earth. Man would search the puzzle pieces, to understand how they joined and to just exactly what their meaning was. When man thought it interpreted in a certain fashion, then new pieces of the puzzle would come into the earth, and suddenly more so it would look like that. Every spiritual person earnestly searched for keys, to fit these puzzle pieces together, but for hundreds of years the puzzles full picture was incomplete. Then Jesus came, and many more pieces of the puzzle were given, till all the puzzle pieces finally came, and finally that great book, The Revelation of Jesus Christ. Now all the pieces could be neatly fitted together to understand the complete picture that God has given to his children. The Puzzle is called, ‘The Plans and Purposes of God for man, through Jesus Christ.’

Then, even though all the puzzle pieces was in the earth, man still could not understand them, not until the Holy Spirit returned at the end of the age, to lead us into all Truth, then the understanding came, truth was magnified and God Almighty was Glorified.

Decoding the Beast, is through a cypher, a simple mathematical code, found in the context of the authorized English translation of the Bible. Counting the ‘Code of the Beast’, reveals that the final kingdoms of the earth.

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