The Summer Generation will not Pass Away

I need to explain the ‘Summer Generation.’

We who know our salvation, are those of the light, walking in the light, we are those who will know and understand the times and seasons of our God. For this reason, I want you also to understand that the concept of  seasons is originated from our solar cycle being divided into four periods. From the autumn, to winter, spring follows and finally summer. The feast periods of Isreal coincided with these same seasonal cycles.  Beginning with Passover, occurring during the spring season, also signifying the start of the Jewish new year. Unlike our modern calendar, the day of the new year varied because it was initiated by the bi-seasonal equinox. Then Pentecost was 50 days later and the great feast of tabernacles was approximately 180 days later, or half a year after Passover.

Tabernacles occurred during the seventh month which began with the second equinox. Considered the second new year it was celebrated with  the sounding of the trumpets. Also the beginning of commercial year and not, therefore, surprising that this feast marked the end of the summer harvest.

Jesus said, ‘When you see the leaves appear, you know that that summer is near, this generation will not pass away.’ Which generation, not the spring one, when the leaves were first appearing, but the summer generation, which is the harvest time period. Maybe that is a little confusing, because there is only a small difference of time, just three to four months. Jesus said in another place, ‘Four months and then comes the harvest.’ [John 4:35]. Therefore what is the difference between the spring and summer generation?

Prophetic Time Dispensations are not measured in normal earthly time periods. As per the book ‘The Millennial Code,’ one month equals the same as  one millennial hour. A millennial period is one thousand years; therefore, 24 hourly periods divided the 1000 year periods, one hour, therefore, is  41.66 years. A month is the same as an hour. A day can be either 12 hours or 24 hours, according to the context. Twelve hours is the same as twelve months, these are the same, so that 4 months prophetically can equal around 160 years.

Please understand, its the summer generation that will not pass away. The Zionist Movement of 1885 AD hailed in the spring; therefore, the Summer Generation begins 3 months later, 1885 + 123 = 2009 AD. A month later and harvest will be in full swing.

Discover time through the “The-Millennial-Code”

[Please note all times are approximations only, because there are variables in both time markers and the implementation of seasons, and while ultimately only God the Father knows the exact earth day and hour, according to the prophets, we have a full right to know and understand the seasons]

[Graeme Torckler wrote the book ‘The Millennial Code,’ over ten years ago, and although the book is fairly poorly delivered, the methods of Prophetic Time Interpretation remain solid and should be deeply considered in all end time Christian eschatology]

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