You’ve Got Time and the day of the GPS : Part 3

Part 3
Dick was just like every other staff member, as they were all very much strangers, he was also a stranger, but his job was the only unique one. He ensured no staff member crossed over from the intranet, to the internet. He was the gatekeeper, and as there was 5000 staff, that meant there was 5000 computers, and these were no ordinary computers, for they were all Dec Core Vantom Super, Plus 1, Version 10, with a Hexual Trigger upgrade, for Power Interface and Real-time Integration.

Dick, while observing the Gateway, had begun to be interested in the code all of the 5000 staff had been typing, He observed its strange patterns, and though he himself had no deep background in the same, he knew enough to wonder if something was slightly array. He had an acquaintance, a deep Geek, versatile and professionate in all manner of Code and he used every type of Code, in their original types, to their 2nd, 3rd, 4th and even 5th generations.

He coded in ALGOL , Atlas Autocode, MAD and GOM , Simula , Pascal, Ada, SPARK, SQL, Kylix , Euclid, , Turing, Modula, Oberon , Go , Zonnon, Lua , SUE, Plus, CPL, BCPL, B, C, Alef, C++, Java, Groovy, Scala, Join Java, J#, Processing, X10, C#, Cobra , Windows PowerShell, C–, D, ColdFusion, Coyote, eC , Harbour, Limbo, LPC, Pike, Objective-C , PCASTL, Perl, S2, PHP, Ruby, PDL, Python, QuakeC, tcsh, MCPL, APL, A+, Glee, J , K, NESL, BASIC , BASIC, Blitz, COMAL, Euphoria, Gambas, VBScript , MS-DOS , CLIST, JCL, COBOL, DIBOL, WATBOL, COMIT, SNOBOL, Icon, Unicon, Lua , DCL, ed, SED, AWK, Eiffel, Cobra , Sather, Ubercode, Forth, InterPress, PostScript, Joy, Factor, Cat, RPL , Fortran, ……………MORE………..

Dick gave him samples of this code that he had observed, that these 5000 staff were writing in, but the deep geek had never seen anything like this before. Now Dick had to write down the pattern onto paper, Dick wrote pages and pages of this code onto paper because that was the only way to transfer this code, that he’d observed at the company and it was just yesterday, he’d taken this to his illustrious friend, who was proficient in all 660 various programming languages. His name is of secrecy he is only known as Dr Geek.

Dr Geek, not only was proficient in the known 660 languages, he also researched fringe codes, known as “Alien Bits”, but also known as “Extraterrestrial computer programming language”, or ECPL, as not to get confused with ALIEN, a “generator for interactive language-specific programming environments”

While pouring through the paper prepared by Dick, Dr Geek wondered if what he was looking at was actually one of these “Extraterrestrial Computer Programming Languages”. Most conspiracy theorists believed there would be a total of 666 computer languages, and yet there was for now only 660 known. So the theorists were looking for the extra six codes, to which some believed they would be Universal in character and unite all the groups and categories, in to a type of super-code.

Dr Geek was mesmerised, he had no time for any chatter, not that Dick had much
to say, his voice box really wasn’t that good. He told him, he’d call Dick when he’d formulated his appraisal.

Dr Geek went on through the night pouring over the symbols, Dick went back to work the next morning, unsuspecting, not knowing anything was looming. But at
that very moment in the morning he heard Jane screaming, a long way down the office block Dick also had just received a phone call from Dr Geek.

Had Jane, even the smallest of inclinations, maybe things would have been different, maybe she would have not touched keyboard at the very time when a dark
day had begun to loom over the world. Inside the perfectly calibrated warehouse for accommodating the precise amount of office space needed for the exact 5000 staff, now for the first time since its beginning, there appeared that the flat and perfect lighting began to lower in illumes brightness and the perfectly controlled temperature, at 20 degrees Celsius or 64 Fahrenheit, also began to lower.

Jane and John were both fixated now, being pulled deeper and deeper in to the spinning darkness that was now beginning to emerge even out of the Janes screen that was attached to Janes computer, growing like the form of a voracious twister, its was growing and strengthening. Jane had been a victim to the Category Five Oklahoma Tornado that sucked up thousands of houses, leaving an unprecedented path of destruction. Now all that feeling of loss was growing in her, as her feet were petrified with terror while fixated to her Computer Screen or what ever was remaining any more on her desk, as the Twister was now manifest in the REAL, a Matter Absorbing Monster had been unleashed, the Giant Planet Shredder had begun its treturous path of total annihilation of everything.

Ironically, it had only been a few seconds since Jane first Screamed and there was Dick, still running and John still starring into the unknown.
Jane had a sudden lapse of concentration, which inspired a random thought, looking to John she said, “Say John do you think this could be what “666 The Number” predicted would happen? That there would be a Multinational merging of the computer industry’s Superpowers and that the Government and Commercial Systems would form an alliance to take over the World?”

John, looked at her startled, and breaking from his normal depressed character answered, “That is amazing Jane, I learnt about that as well, in “666 The Number” but this book is still unpublished, we both read pre-release. Anyway I think this is not that which was predicted, for I think what we have seen here is even more terrible, I think the what we’re seeing here, is nothing less, than a Alien Super Race, who landed on the planet earth 200 years ago, and begun their cunning plan, not just to consume the earth Jane, but to “”Eat the Earth””. And so the Great Giant Data Shredder was actual cloaking itself, as it was actually a Giant Planet Shredder. We were all deceived because all of us had been lured into its cunning plot.

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