Men will Seek Death and The 5th Trumpet

Men will Seek Death and The 5th Trumpet

Has the timeframe of the 5th Trumpet as told by the book of Revelation, come to the world, sounding loud throughout the earth? For many reasons we can place the earth in this place of the Revelatory Journey, the most compelling of these, possibly is that of these clips of breaking news of euthanasia. Is there a wind blowing a cry and a deep growing urge across the many countries; of people desiring to Die?

Rev 9:6 (NKJ)
In those days men will seek death and will not find it; they will desire to die, and death will flee from them.

How could the Apostle John have known this with no spiritual visitation? How could he have seen these things that such a day could arrive into the earth?

Life for centuries has perpetuated by a vital sense of being coupled with an inner determination to breed and to eat. Life is empowered and cultivated with an intelligent moral obligation to provide and protect. For centuries, humans have improved their earthly status and increased their provision, while nurturing their offspring.

Never through recorded history has there been a place and time in the world, where men and women ceased to follow ardently these edicts of humanity.

So what has changed?

The instituted Law of civilised nations declare; to take a life is murder. Therefore those who participate in the death of a person are liable for a crime against that nation. But the law has never needed to account for what if: the Person who died wanted to die. So euthanasia has become the issue, this is an act of intentionally ending a life and so to end the pain or suffering that individual believes they’re suffering in.

To me this is actually staggering. Here in our powerfully rich western society, with every medical help known to mankind at our fingertips. Super drugs to relieve the most intolerable pain, cures to cure the impossible diseases, wheel chairs and all types of technical mechanical and computerized assistants and yet still there is a growing movement for euthanasia in society. Whereby the desired cause for thousands upon thousands throughout the earth is to just die.

This is placing a demand on the laws of the countries to change. If these laws change, this could mean doctors will be able to assist the death of a suffering soul upon their consent. And where does it go from there. Not only are people seeking assisted death because of physical suffering, but for decades there has been a growing practise of people attempting suicide, often for hidden emotional reasons.

Interestingly, the Revelator claims that in those days, “Death will flee them”. That is exactly the day we live in. A man jumps from a building to kill himself, but does a bad job of it. Centuries ago with little to no medical help, such a person would be most likely left there to die through his severe wounds. Today, he’d be rushed to hospital, drugged up and fixed up, healed, then discharged, but then charged for his crime and in effect, left to suffer internally now, in a far greater way than previous to the to jump. Better still, one could seek counsel and get some help for the internal pain and even get cured.

While attempted suicide is mostly emotive and unplanned, possibly caused by storms of raging internal conflicts that tread over personal esteem; euthanasia is totally different, because this is often planed event. Unlike suicide, what can be asudden whim, on a bad day, euthanasia in an individual is driven by a determination to end their personal life. They’ve made an intelligent decision. Yet between these two extremes, the desire to die drives in them both.

The universal man believes that when the body dies, there is nothing any more.
Maybe one of the reasons death has such a drawing, is the modern universal belief that death is turning the switch off, and therefore after the switch is turned off, all the tormenting factors leading to that point, the pain, the anguish, the stress, these deadly unseen realms that war against the mind and soul, at the point the switch is turned off, also weapons of torture stop and are no longer.

Again, the Revelator was looking centuries forward to a time when a dysfunctional bankrupt in morality and seculist society would rule the earth. This could never
have been dreamed up, that something like this could effect the earth and humanity the way it has in this century, that death itself would become a living souls
ultimate desire. To the point that Governments are Lobbied, organizations mobilised, contraptions and potions designed, manuals produced and specialist kept wealthy by the current under radar paid euthanasia movement.

The reality of “Fleeing Death” is not that people can’t die, for they can fall on their swords anytime, but for many financial and legal reasons they want this death to be lawful. But like all unlawful things, there is more money made from what’s traded in the darkness of the ungoverned world. This fleeing death is because people are making profit from it, so why would they want it changed.

Now there is a lot of difference between the Old School type and the modern version of taking ones own life. “Falling on your Sword”, is a term used for one resigning
from their post, or standing down, because of things happening that brought shame to oneself or others. In the Victorian days, and even back to biblical times, army Generals would practise suicide when their army was defeated, by falling on their sword. Suicide was the only option if they had no time to escape, because to be captured, meant serious torturing, either for the extraction of state secrets or just good ol’ revenge.

To be left in the mercy of fearful advisory was just never an option. There was a similar practise during the Second World War, practised by German and Japanese Officers, who would commit suicide before capture. For this, these brutal leaders were too scared to face their accusers, for the atrocities they had committed.

As suicide was only practised in times past for a fast escape to fearful and horrid consequences, it makes no sense, as to why kids are carking themselves for no seemingly any good comparative reason. Look up in an internet search just how many testimonies are there, of failed suicides. What is happening in this world, that
people would seek death?

And with euthanasia, there has never been a time in the earth, when so much wonderful things are made available to such a wide range of people. Luxury upon luxury. Compared to the time of King Saul [1 Chr 10:4-5] and his armorbearer who fell on their swords, to avoid being physically abused by their captors and to be at some what Saul’s defence, he was wounded with arrows and most likely separated from any battlefield nursing. With loss of blood, he was on his way out anyway. Really though, the armorbearer was somewhat stupid, his loyalty to the end would only find him in a bizarre conclusion.

The infliction of pain by a ruthless mob, what human could bare this? Now in our generation there is just no comparisons, we have every type of drug and help, nurture, care, restorative and therapeutic processes, to heal the worst of wounds, recover from the pit of death and man can reach into the greatest achievements from being challenged by a multitude of disorders, from being bound to wheel chair, one can still reach for the stars.

What type of a wonderful place the earth is today and yet still they daily fall on their swords or like that weak-minded Saul, ask others to do it for them.

Oh hurting soul, why oh why, would you want die? John looked through time and saw a world to whom solemnly believed, unlike any generation ever before them

believed, that they were just bodies with no soul, that their life was only like a machine. So that when it is switched off and then disposed off, in an end of life process, then it is no more. All life departs and as the body falls to the ground and is dissipated into the earth through decomposition, the life dies also and they at that point no longer live.

So it is believed by those, once the engine is unplugged, they die and so then all their insufferable pain also stops, their incurable anguish, their life diminishing diseases
departs and now they have gained victory over death, through death and no longer do they have the pain and anguish. Yet how far can that be from the truth.

If everything physical that the world has to offer doesn’t cure the pain and the will to live, then i would question to wether what is being suffered is in reality a physical affliction. The Captains of old, even Saul, when loosing in the battlefield, they then were about to really suffer physically. I mean I can’t even watch movies that have been made from similar scenes. Every western person has seen the re-enactment of such suffering. If king Saul had and ambulance come on the scene, a bravado rescue, guns blazing, swords clashing, lifted to safety, as morphine was pumped into him, while the squad escaped out of enemy fire. Then Saul wouldn’t have been so fast to jump on his sword. They faced very fearful situations in those days, but now in this day, even the guiltiest are protected by human rights.

Where is the fearful situations of today, to what are we now facing? I would question to wether or not its physical. See here is the scary thing, if its not physical, if all the medication, that cures of millions of people all but fails to take away the pain and suffering, then what exactly could it be. If it is not physical, then it can only be spiritual.

To cross over that physical line, now the very hand of its tormentor captures the suffering soul. The fiction heroes they never die. Superman is eternal, just when you think he is dead, they rise again. Have you been captured in a fictitious world, then don’t be a fool The only thing holding you back from being fully consumed by your opponent, is your very body. Once you give that up, all the torment that brought you to that place, will now own you. Have you not heard that saying, “Owned”.

How do I know this? By the knowing, that you’re a legal entity on the earth, and as this entity you have rights and your most precious of all, if the Right for Life, your life. is at the very most fundamental basics of all rights and the fundamental rights practised in all moral courts.

If then you give away that right to live, you then at that place in time, have no more earthly protection, you have no more rights, your physical realm is dimensioned, even destroyed and therefore your legal rights to resist being dominated by some evil intent has died with you. You have now withdrawn you personal legal rights and you can no longer protest, no longer vote, no longer lobby, you’re powerless and that evil afflicting thing; that brought you to this place, will now have full rights over you. That torment you died to be free from, will now consume, because now death itself owns you. If you could have a voice, we’d hear you’re screaming for hundreds of miles, as you’ve suddenly realised the mistake you made. But we can’t hear you, pardon you ask me, what screaming? See the one who just gave their life away so cheaply no longer can breath out words into the air, no longer type a message, no long produce a sign type of language.

But they’re screaming, thousands in a ear piercing shrills, saying ‘Don’t do it’
Because we can’t hear what the dead are saying, we can make up any story we like and this here could be just another story no person will hear.

Like also the 5th trumpet, is blasting in our ears, sounding throughout the earth to a death, blind a foolish generation. Yes another stooping in their verbal vomit cries out the Phd, “Why that poor sufferer had a right to have someone kill them, to release them from their physical decay”

What is the answer then for this terrible season of soul suffering we live in? Well its simple, go to a good Christian Church and get Saved, because the truth is, it ain’t going to get any easier from here, we got the 6th in its way.

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