“Will the world continue forever?”

“The-Millennial-Code, tells the story”

Call it geo-phobic, call it crazy or call it inevitable,
there is an underlining belief in the passengers of the
planet that Earth is sealed with an expiration date. Can
the date be overridden, or should we prepare to jump?

Humans are not passive. Concern drives us to spend
billions, and employ thousands to research all of the
causes and effects within our planet, and the more we
grow in knowledge, the more concerned we become.
The more we investigate, the more we understand that
there are many dangers emerging, which each need
funding for individual research.

Can the bible predict an End

Ten Emerging Global Problems
Across the planet, average temperatures are rising and
taking their toll in an unprecedented manner.

New research confirms the levels of carbon dioxide in
the atmosphere are 30% more than one hundred years
ago, and that this is the cause of global warming.

Global warming has its effects all over the world; the
giant Kalahari desert (now four times the size of
Britain), threatens to cover farmland in Namibia,

Botswana and South Africa.
The level of the world’s seas and oceans are rising
twice as fast as initial research indicated, through ice
melt and water expansion.

Due to rising sea levels, an exodus has begun in the
Carteret Islands, a scattering of atolls off Papua New
Guinea in the South Pacific. Homes are being
consumed by the tides.

The year 2005 AD saw twenty six tropical storms –
thirteen formed into hurricanes and three developed to
category five, with Hurricane Katrina causing the
greatest damage on record, valued at 80 billion dollars.

Greenland and the West Antarctic Ice Sheet glaciers
have started racing towards the sea and melting.
Scientist’s claim hundreds of glaciers are shrinking.

Areas in the USA, Europe and China depend on
mountain snow for their water supplies. With the snow
running short, less water is running through the
summer months. It is thought large areas of China will
have no water in another twenty years.

Wildlife, sealife and birdlife have diminished
catastrophically this year along America’s Northwest
Pacific coast, after a meltdown in the North Sea. A
third of the bird species are heading for extinction.
Will the bird flu ravage domestic and wild stocks as

Corals on the Great Barrier Reef are dying as sea
temperatures rise and pesticides poison the shorelines.
The huge reef-line of hundreds of miles could perish
by 2050 AD.

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